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December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Puppy’s First Christmas

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Cooper Noel 2009

Cooper Noel 2009


December 22, 2009

Cooper’s Idea of a Down Stay

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While I was home I had the opportunity to visit two friends who are about to welcome the newest member of their family in January. Their current child, a black lab mix named Cinder, is feeling a little left out lately. So we brought Cooper over so they could play and burn off some energy.

When we brought them in, we had to put them into down stays so that they wouldn’t damage anything. Well Cooper’s idea of a good location to do a down stay was glued right up to Cinder. I think Cinder was a little embarrassed to be seen with a pup with a funny haircut wearing clothes.


December 21, 2009

Freezing in Buffalo

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Buffalo Freezer 5k
Since mid-October, I’ve been running. Well at first it was more walking than running. I would go back to a walk as soon as the pain in my feet got bad. And I started being very carful with what I ate too. I was under a lot of stress so I was careful to make sure what I was putting in my body was valuable to my body.

Now two months later, I’m running 6 mile training runs. I still have a lot to go to be even considered a recreational athlete, but I’m making progress.

I’ve even been racing a bit. I never raced other than elementary and middle school track and field and cross country. So I’m finding my goals easier to find. It’s not like rowing where I feel a need to return to personal records. Every distance run is a personal record because I never kept tabs when I ran to cross train in college.

My first 5k that mattered was the sunapee turkey trot on Thanksgiving day. Jes joined me for a killer course. I would like to apologize to Jes yet again for the hill climb within the first 1/4 mile, I had no idea. I managed to run the whole distance and finished in just over 10 minute miles.

So when I wanted to visit my parents in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, I felt a need to find a race and bring my brother along. So I actually planned my trip home on the weekend of the Buffalo Freezer 5k this last Sunday.
Buffalo's Freezer 5k

Costumes were encouraged so my brother wore a set of flannel pajamas with scotty dogs I bought him the day before. And my little brother actually stuck with me while I ran 9 minute miles for more than half the race. I eventually was fed up of a slapfooted runner in front of me so I took off.
Buffalo's Freezer 5k

I was very proud of myself when I finished the race in just under 9 minute miles. I was very proud of Mike for finishing in under 30 minutes on his very first running race ever that he hadn’t even trained for.
Buffalo's Freezer 5k

Buffalo's Freezer 5k

Mike did get a fair bit of attention for his running attire. He kept being recognized and/or cheered on as “pajama man”.

Cooper was so upset with me for having left him behind while I ran, but he was relatively well behaved as a spectator with my parents.
Buffalo's Freezer 5k

After a lunch with my family I drove straight across New York and Massachusetts to find myself back home. But I was certainly glad to have taken the time and energy to get some exercise in before that long trip.

September 3, 2009

This was going to be my Wordless Wednesday

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But then I think I fell asleep.


August 31, 2009

Polaroid Modifications for Digital images

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Digital images essentially reduced the importance of Polaroid pictures in our society. But people still have nostalgia for them in scrapbooking purposes. So frames and actions are available in Photoshop to give your images that polaroid look.

I found a new free internet photo service that lets you create polaroids using various effects sans photoshop. It’s called Rollip.

To demonstrate lets use the picture I love of Cooper the second day he lived with us. I can’t believe how much he’s grown, it’s almost like having a different dog now.
Cooper at the Beach

Rollip’s site currently has 6 small polaroid options, 6 full size options, and 12 frame options for the small polaroid. The frame options allow you to leave the font section blank. I’m applied the modifications and frames to the images with 1 to 6 being top to bottom in the modifications options and 1 to 6 being left to right, down one row, left to right on the first page of  frame options.

Rollip Polaroid Modification #1
Small Polaroid #1, Frame #1

Rollip Polaroid Effect #2
Small Polaroid #2, Frame #2

Rollip Polaroid Effect #3
Small Polaroid #3, Frame #3

Rollip Polaroid Effect #4
Small Polaroid #4, Frame #4

Rollip Polaroid Effect #5
Small Polaroid #5, Frame #5

Rollip Polaroid Effect #6
Small Polaroid #6, Frame #6

Rollip Polaroid Effect Full Size #6
Full Size #6

For some reason, frame 2 and 6 don’t seem to accommodate numbers. There is actually a second page of 6 small polaroid frames that I missed the first time I went through them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them if you like Polaroid style pictures.

Picnik also offers a free polaroid frame if accessed through their site instead of through Flickr. It’s advantage is that you can rotate the polaroid framed photo.
Picnik Polaroid

You can also combine the Polaroid effect with the other free effects and text tools offered on the Picnik site. The one below uses the 1960s effect with one of the free fonts.
Cooper Polaroid with 1960s effect

Which do you like the most?

I never had a Polaroid camera so I can’t comment on how authentic it looks. I sort of like all of them except for modifications #4 which I feel is much too washed out.

Let me know if you try a web-based polaroid creator.

August 27, 2009

Doggy Daycare

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With Adam’s foot injury, Cooper hasn’t been getting his normal daily mileage in.  So I decided to take him to our local doggy daycare for the day.  I know they have a good reputation, and we already go there for training so I didn’t even check out the facility. I just dropped him off and let him be a fool for 9 hours.

When I picked him up he was being a crazy joyous mutt. I’m told that dogs normally pass out on the ride back home. Well our ride back home was only 1/2 mile. So he ran around his yard for a bit afterward.

And then glorious fatigue set in.

Beautiful magnificent fatigue.

And I took full advantage to get some pictures of us together.

He’s getting so big so fast.

Cooper does need a haircut, but at least I don’t give him insane haircuts. Example, the people who cut and dye their dog’s hair to look like camels, pandas and butterflies. I can’t imagine those dogs getting to enjoy chasing a ball through a muddy field. Oh the joy they express when they get to do that.

August 26, 2009

Down by the Ponds

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One of my aunts has two pretty little ponds in her backyard. Going on a tangent my town has 7 mosquito pools that have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephelitis so I don’t know if I would want to have a pond in my backyard.

Back on topic, I was outside taking pictures of the details of the ponds and surrounding gardens.  Little details like this:
IMGP3600And  this reflection:
And this vase fountain:

Well my pup isn’t one to be ignored. So as I was taking pictures of the fountain, he popped up

He’s such a ham. He even let me do a portrait of him before running over to me and demanding love.
I love my poodle 🙂

August 18, 2009

Obedience Doggy

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Cooper 5 monthsCooper and I have started him on the path to higher puppy education. We started the Basic Manners Class I at Pet-Agree in Candia tonight.  We’ve been doing basic obedience exercises with Cooper since he was 8 weeks old because I strongly believe that a trained dog is a happy dog.

But we were having problems with obedience with distractions such as other dogs, people and horses.

And I plan on doing competitive obedience with Cooper.  At least to the Companion Dog level. So we had to start somewhere.

So far I’ve been impressed with the class and the instructors. I’m glad to be back in a classroom of any kind.

August 14, 2009

The Swamp down the road

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I just got a new 50mm f1.4 lens for the Pentax *ist because I’m shooting a low light wedding in September. I’m pretty excited but I’ve barely had the chance to use it.

I brought it along on my daily walk with Cooper the other day. I was testing out the camera by taking pictures of the swamp. Then Cooper spotted a frog. I caught this picture right after the frog jumped.

Our Local SwampI need to find some other opportunities to practice with the camera before the wedding. I may be shooting the wedding as a wedding present, but I want to do a good job (the pictures will be their memories of the event).

If anyone in the New England area (or in Quebec the weekend of August 22-23) wants to play model for me, let me know. I’ll take pictures of you for free.

July 28, 2009


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I figured I would make a quick post while my parents get ready for dinner. So this is one I had started writing up while I was in Saratoga.

The biggest difference between Huskies and Poodles which I have noticed has been the predatory instinct. Huskies are a fantastic breed, smart, beautiful, athletic, but small non-dog animals that run away are generally considered food.

Enter Cooper. As I write this i’m in upstate New York visiting a friend who has two bunnies. In preparation for our arrival she has caged her bunnies in the pantry of the house. The metal “playpen” extends a little bit into the hall. Cooper can’t seem to differentiate the bunnies from the cats. He wants to visit them, but also seems a little scared of them. I think if it were up to him he would just snuggle.

The bunnies for their part are constantly thumping to warn the humans that a dangerous animal is in their midst. They can’t seem to tell that Cooper is a gentle dog that would only try to play with them. Mind you if there was a husky in the room they might have been right. My last husky was the world’s most gentle and sweet animal. But he would go to great lengths to catch wild bunnies to “feed” his pack.

As much as my huskies were marvelous dogs and I would still get another someday, it is much more relaxing to know that my dog isn’t going to make a meal out of my friends’ pets while I’m asleep in the next room.

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