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March 27, 2010

I don’t blog here anymore

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Visit me at and


December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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No matter what you believe in, I would like to extend my wishes for a wonderful and happy holiday season.

And I’m posting this on Christmas Eve because it was traditionally when we celebrated Christmas when I was a kid.

December 23, 2009

Transition to

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So I’ve been contemplating a name change for a while. I think I realized how small my town was and decided that I wanted to maintain a little more anonymity on the internet. I contemplated a bunch of different names. And BlondePoodle struck me the most. My pup Cooper is a blonde poodle, so how appropriate.

So I’ve got a few more posts queued up on this site, but after Christmas I will be posting exclusively to Please update your bookmarks, feeds, memories etc to that website.

I’ll probably eventually redirect this site to but I need to take the time to do that.

Looking forward to getting back into the habit of blogging!

December 9, 2009

Adam’s Post on The Prow

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I hope some people still read my blog. And to those people thank you. I’ve had quite the chaotic last few months and my life is still in turmoil. But I hope to start posting in a blog again soon when my classes wrap up in a couple weeks (which is by far the smaller part of my problems).

I’m also hoping to move the blog to a new domain eventually. I don’t really want my town’s name in the title anymore because it’s a small town with a very uncommon name.

So hopefully soon, parts of my life will calm down and I’ll be able to post about my adventures.  Because despite all the drama, the stress and the uncertainty I still try to live my life and have a good time when I can.

In the meantime my husband wrote up a trip report for the trip he did that I posted pictures of in my Wordless Wednesday last week.  So please feel free to visit his rarely updated blog to get the climber’s perspective on the trip.

October 20, 2009

October in Boston.

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October in Boston., originally uploaded by candiacrew.

I spent the weekend in Boston visiting friends and watching the Head of the Charles regatta.

Sunday rained. The rain was heavy and cold and my friend Hadley and I were so frozen and wet that we decided that going to the Cambridgeside mall was the only way to starve off hypothermia. While we ate lunch I looked out the window and declared it was Snowing. October 18th and it was snowing. The “snow” was falling rather quickly so Hadley half convinced me that it was just really big rain drops.

As is shown on my car above, it was snow. And while it didn’t accumulate on the road, it accumulated on the car.

My car had snow tires on, so I felt confident as I headed North in the snow storm. My hubby was coming back home from Northern New Hampshire as I was heading up from the State south of our home. Turns out, he didn’t even see any snow.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cooper play in the snow, but October is a little early in my opinion.

September 30, 2009


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Blogging is one of those things that becomes a habit. It’s a labour of love and I’ve found that like exercising, when you stop, it’s hard to start up again.  I keep doing awesome things that I want to blog about, but when I get home I have homework to do and pictures to process and quality time to spend with the hubby and pets.  And blogging just falls down that priority list. I even spend most of my lunches either catching up with work friends or working on homework.

Well I want to start blogging again. Because blogging reminds me of the good things in my life. The things that make me happy. And I love recieving comments from people around the world. And allowing family members who live far away a tiny peek into my world.

So I’ll be posting again. I’m going to try to keep at least a 3 posts a week schedule for now. Even if the posts sometimes end up just being a picture or two. There may be a lot of backposts into September too.

So seeing as I’m writing this post during my lunch break, while I should be writing a paper for Plastics Processing class (if I get it done during my lunch I plan on treating myself to a haircut after work today). I’m going to start simple.

Review: Polenta and Eggplant NapoleonsPicture by sonicwalker

I’ve heard a lot about polenta lately. And it looks so delicious. So I bought some on impulse when I was in the organic section of my grocery store.

Well it turns out now that I have it. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t have time to dig through cooking magazines looking for recipes. I don’t remember which of my bloggy friends posted about it.

So help a girl out. Send me links to your favorite polenta recipes on the web. Tried and true would be best. Hubby approved would be awesome, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to get mine to even try it.

Oh and internet friends I have missed you, and I will try to catch up on my google reader soon. I apologise in advance if I comment on things that happened a month ago.

August 18, 2009

Heavy Equipment by Portsmouth Harbor

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The industrial part of the Portsmouth waterfront is a very colourful place. There are lots of colourful industrial vehicles and  giant piles of rusted metal waiting for recycling.

Portsmouth Scrap Yard
Portsmouth Scrap Yard

Some people may see the large piles of metal as trash, but I see them as potential. Recycling is beautiful. You have no idea what that pile of rust will turn into: A new car, a kid’s bicycle, the skeleton for a skyscraper. I will always take pictures of the piles of metal on the NH state pier whenever I get access to it. This time was because the Tall Ships were docked on the end of the pier.

Portsmouth Scrap Yard
Portsmouth Scrap Yard
Jes’ pictures turned out significantly less red than mine. Maybe she took pictures of a different pile of scrap metal. Daily Portsmouth has better detail pictures of the composition of the piles of rusted metal.

Remember, recycling can be beautiful 🙂

August 12, 2009

Flower Karma

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In the Winter time I feed the wild birds with a generic bird seed mix. I enjoy watching the birds come by to eat but I also feel good that I’m helping them make it through the rough New Hampshire Winters.

And now an unexpected result. I noticed a weed growing in my hydrangea bush (which is right below the bird feeder). The birds and squirrels had missed some seeds and I had Sunflowers growing in my front yard.
Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers
So I help out the birds in the winter and in exchange the birds help me by growing pretty flowers in my garden.

July 25, 2009

Vermont 100 – Importance of the Pacer

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When Adam paced for Nate last year I didn’t fully understand the importance of pacers. I understood that they kept the runner company during the dark hours of the night but they are so much more than that. I saw some of the roles of the pacer while driving around, and even more when I did the last half mile of the race with Adam and Keith.

So here’s an explanation of the roles of the pacer as I see them:

  1. Companion: The night can be very long and dark when the runner is alone. Having a pacer gives the runner someone to talk to hang out with.
  2. Safety: A lot of the course goes on dirt roads, these roads are still used for cars. The runners are so tired at this point that the pacer helps make sure that the runner gets out of the road when cars are coming down the road. They also keep runners safe from other obstacles.
  3. Encouragement: The pacer is the runner’s own personal cheerleader. Keith used simple encouragements like “just keep your feet moving” and “doing great”. Small reminders that the keep the runner moving and keep their spirit up.
  4. Lookout: The pacer is useful in noticing obstacles in the trail. Rocks, mud patches and logs are all obstacles that could injure a heavily fatigued  runner. Pointing them out help the runner anticipate the problem.
  5. Trail Leader: The trail is marked with glow sticks and yellow plates at night. They are pretty noticeable but to tired eyes they may be hard to see. The pacer helps keep the runner on trail.

I present to you three of the pacers in the race.

Larisa was pacing in the 100K event.  An avid hiker, who’s never really run 30 miles, she ran from dusk to dawn with her runner. She’s planning on running her first 50K soon.  I had a nice time hanging out with her.


Keith is my husband’s friend from the ice climbing world. He’s ex-military and a professional photographer who runs triathlons when he’s not climbing.  He’s no stranger to ultramarathons and I think we’ll see him again at races, running. He also has the cutest child ever and if I believed in posting pictures of children that I’m not related to I would have a post full of just pictures of his kid pouting.


Steve was John’s pacer. He participated as part of the crew for a while but most of the time we hung out taking pictures.  He’s run a few ultramarathons in the past. The funny thing is, I’ve met him before. He’s run with my husband before. But with the glasses on he does a complete Clark Kent versus Superman. I had no idea who he was.

IMGP1595Note: this is probably my favorite portrait from the whole weekend.

July 9, 2009

Wizard on a Dragon Motorcycle

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Wizard on a Dragon MotorcycleMy Coworker had this delivered to him the other day while we were at work.  I found it impressive enough that I made him let me take a picture of it.

It’s a gift for a friend of his, a friend who apparently is all about motorcycling and wizards and dragons.  So it’s a sculpture of a wizard riding a dragon motorcycle. Take that Harry Potter! It does have very lovely details. So I wanted to share it.

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