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December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Exposure

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Adam on The Prow

Adam on The Prow



October 4, 2009

Whitehorse Ledges – Begineers Route

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A few weekends ago my hubby took me rock climbing on this cliff. It’s a relatively big cliff called Whitehorse Ledge.  It’s one of two prominent rocks near Echo Lake State Park (where these pictures were taken). The other being called Cathedral Ledge.

He took me up a route called Beginner’s route in the Slabs. It’s a 5.5 slab route. The slab means there isn’t a lot of directly vertical sections and and most of the route relies on the friction between your shoes and the rock. This requires trusting the rubber of your soles. Also, the 5.5 rating means that it’s pretty easy.

In the thousand or so feet of climbing, that we completed in 8-10 pitches (distances between when the person leading builds an anchor and brings up the person on the other end of the rope), there were only a few sections that I felt were any difficult. And those sections were only frightening mentally.

I didn’t take any pictures while we were on the rock despite a great desire from my photographer’s eye to take several.
This is a poorly done panorama of the slabs section of Whitehorse ledge. We started on the right most side of the cliff.

Totally worth the effort too. I really love long easy routes.

Also, I was up North this weekend. It is amazing how much the foliage has bloomed in just a few weeks.

August 20, 2009

Cannon Cliff

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Cannon CliffI’ve been driving to Canada a lot this summer. I used to do a lot of hiking in the White Mountains. When I see Cannon Mountain I know I’m well on my way to my destination. It’s always beautiful scenery. But when my husband sees Cannon all he sees is the cliff.

Cannon CliffFull size here.

When my husband sees Cannon Cliff he thinks of Climbing. He’s actually climbed Cannon twice this year. He did a route called Whitney-Gilman Ridge on the South side of the cliff a few weeks ago. When it was first climbed in 1929 it was considered one of the hardest climbs in the United States.

Last week he climbed Moby Grape. A route that goes over the tallest part of the cliff.

cannon routes outlinedFull size here.


Whitney-Gilman Route on CannonThis is the Whitney Gilman Ridge. It’s a ridge that sticks out a little from the cliff. Behind the ridge is a well known mixed climb (a combination of rock climbing and ice climbing) known as the Black Dike.

Moby Grape

Moby Grape StartThis is the bottom of Moby Grape. Do you notice anything in particular?

Moby Grape Start - upcloseYep, there’s a group of climbers that can barely be seen.

Here’s an upper section of the climb.

Moby Grape

These are the climbers I was able to pick out of the picture.
Moby Grape - Closeup 1
Moby Grape - upclose 2
Moby Grape - upclose 3

To give you a numeric idea of how tall this cliff is, it’s 1000 feet tall in places.

Top of Moby Grape

And these people are all climbing it in a single day.

Top of Moby Grape - upclose
Top of Moby Grape - upclose 2
Top of Moby Grape - upclose 3

This occasionally is where my husband can be found.


I get a little worried sometimes.  Especially when I look at the talus field under the cliff and when I think of how big the rocks that came down when the Old Man of the Mountain.
IMGP3108 - upcloseBut he loves to climb, and he’s good at it. So I don’t mind that he’s one of those tiny specks crawling up the giant cliff.

And if you are driving through Franconia Notch State Park on a day with nice weather, bring a pair of binoculars. You might get to see some people practicing their passion.

July 19, 2009

Crag Pup

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There are people who believe that bringing a dog to a climbing area is a bad thing. Dogs get in the way, dogs trample the gear, dogs chew on ropes.

Maybe it’s a sign that we did something right in his socialization that our dog just finds a cool spot and lies down.  And if rope should fall on him during the rapel, well why would that be cause to move. Or rope being pulled up in a way that its rubbing against his face, well I guess the rope wants him to tilt his head slightly.

Cooper with the rope

Cooper with the rope

The comment we heard the most was that he doesn’t make a very good rope bag (a bag we put on the ground to protect the rope from mud and dirt). Maybe in time he will be big enough.

July 11, 2009

Rest Area Boulders

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Sometimes I get a little behind on things I want to Blog about, especially on very eventful weekends, so I apologize that I’m blogging a week behind these events but I wanted to share.

So as we drove Southbound on 93 we managed to outrun the thunderstorms for a short while. Then my husband decided to pull over at a rest area on 93 South which is North of Tilton. I wondered who had the weak bladder. It turns out this particular rest area has some wonderful climbing Boulders.

Rest area boulders climbing

Rest area boulders climbing

Perhaps I should change by blog’s byline to Adventures of a climbing groupie. But I really do enjoy taking pictures of my husband and his friends climbing.

Rest area boulders climbing
Rest area boulders climbing
Rest area boulders climbing

Rest area boulders climbing
Rest area boulders climbing

I even love scrambing up easy boulders to get a better perspective on things. Cooper usually follows me up boulders. But this one must have seemed too steep. The 16 foot leash is maxed out so I’m probably high enough to do some damage if I fell.
Rest area boulders climbing

While I’m posting about this I should probably introduce Ben to the blog.
Rest area boulders climbing
*Hi Ben*

Ben is our new housemate. He’s a friend of mine from back when I was a Senior in College.
Rest area boulders climbing

He’s a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering Major who is into hiking, climbing and many other outdoorsy things. And he’s single and looking. So tell your daughters, sisters, granddaughters, neighbors…
Rest area boulders climbing

Rest area boulders climbing

Ben’s actually really excited about my current climbing groupie status, because it means he will finally have pictures of himself climbing.
Rest area boulders climbing
Rest area boulders climbing

And I am hoping that someday soon my feet will feel better and I’ll be confident climbing myself again.
Rest area boulders climbing

July 5, 2009

Bouldering in Pawtuckaway

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Bouldering in Pawtuckaway
I love this picture of my husband climbing a Boulder problem called the essentials in the Pawtuckaway’s Boulder Natural Climbing area. I actually climbed up the back of the boulder and was perched up there (with the dog because all dogs like to be stuck on top of a large rock with no room to run and no ability to get themselves back down) shooting pictures of him.

I just think that Adam looks catlike as he reaches for the top of the boulder. I think Audrey probably hypnotizes him as she sleeps on him every night. If you were wondering what position he had just come out of, it was a foot to finger match as shown below.

Bouldering in Pawtuckaway

May 21, 2009

My Monkey Man

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I like monkeys. I find them humourous and I love to watch them climbing all over things. So somehow I turned my husband into a Monkey.

Massabesic May 2009

When I met my husband he was frightened of heights. So to help him with his fear I brought him to a climbing gym.

Massabesic May 2009

He quickly developed a passion for the sport. Now he climbs multi-pitch climbs and talks about doing big walls.

Massabesic May 2009

Now no boulder is safe from his desire to climb it. Occasional structures as well. He boulders and free climbs to heights that would certainly make his mother nervous.

Massabesic May 2009

He’s very modest, but he’s actually quite good. Not competitive climbing good, but good enough to really enjoy a lot of routes on lead (Lead climbing is when you climb above your last piece of protection so if you fall you double your drop. Usually you want to feel confident enough in your skills that you wont fall at the level you are climbing at).

Massabesic May 2009

He even finds his way up trees on occasion.

Massabesic May 2009

Cooper has been enjoying hanging out when my husband is climbing around too.

Massabesic May 2009

March 31, 2009

Rumney Rocks

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Waimea, originally uploaded by mbarsalou.

Saturday my husband took me out climbing for the first time of the season. We went to a place in New Hampshire called Rumney Rocks. We didn’t climb the cliff above. That’s the impressive Waimea. You’d have to be a more advanced climber to do those routes. We did some of my favorites next to Jimmy Cliff, the super easy 2-pitch Clip-a-dee-doo-da and the Lady and the Tramp. After climbing my hubby decided to demonstrate how easy it was by soloing (no rope) the route. I just enjoy doing it for the practice in rope management. Of course my feet being painful still keeps me from really climbing much anyways.

Lady and the tramp

Adam post climb

Jimmy/Clip A Dee Do Da Cliff

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