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May 8, 2009


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My Watercolour Moleskine

Several of the Art Journal Blogs I follow seem to use Moleskine Journals.  What is so impressive about these journals?

I just bought one because I wanted a small durable journal that I could watercolour in.  But it was expensive, I think I paid more than $17 at Barnes and Noble and it’s tiny.  The journals come in all sorts of different kinds including some that are pretty much just every day writing journals.

It seems like it’s a nice quality journal and I look forward to using it, but if you have a Moleskine Journal why did you get one? What do you like about it? In your opinion has it been worth the cost? Is it worth the cost for everyday art journaling too?


March 23, 2009

Art Journal

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Art Journal: I used to fly

I used to fly
Erin was at my house when I did this journaling. She told me it was a depressing message. Like losing something incredibly important to you. To be honest the layout started with me wanting to use the Vellum to put wings on a girl. The message has several meanings to me. Some are sad. But one is mostly nostalgic, the feeling of flying I had when rowing. The exileration of the perfect harmony of muscles firing, sweat, wind, timing of oars, power, pain and speed. It’s a joy you can’t understand unless you’ve experienced it, and you can’t really explain why it was so perfect for you. It’s why the girl is smiling a tiny secret smile. Her thoughts are not of the sadness of losing something, but of the amazing exhilarating joy of flying when she got to experience it, no matter what the context had been. When she thinks of it, it still makes her happy that it happened at all.

I still don’t know if I should have coloured in the girl.  Sometimes I’m completely satisfied with how she looks, sometimes I want to add a little colour, and sometimes I want to colour her in completely.

Materials: Pen, acrylic paint and Vellum paper (of course glue too)

Art Journal: Her flaw

“There once was a girl who didn’t want to change your flaws… Maybe that was her flaw”

I think this statement is a little artier than something I would put in a regular journal, so I put it in my art journal.

Art Journal: Post it

Post it.

The girl is just a girl I scribbled on a post it.  I decided to glue leftover paper scraps on the page of the journal.  Then I thought, why not stick her there.  I still like how it turned out.

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