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August 9, 2009

Pigeon in the Park

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I’m absolutely loving my new lens. It’s not a very high quality lens and the aperature does not open as large as I would like, but I love having the flexibility of a 200 mm zoom.

I used the lens this weekend to take pictures of Pigeons in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I think a few of them turned out pretty well. Despite the fact that pigeons aren’t generally considered to be beautiful (with the exception of the domestically raised varieties).

Portsmouth Pigeons

Portsmouth Pigeons

Portsmouth Pigeons

Portsmouth Pigeons

Portsmouth Pigeons

Portsmouth Pigeons

I think they are pretty adorable for the sewer rats of the sky.


April 7, 2009


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My Google Reader came up with a Post on the Garden Vines Blog about the Ruby-Throated hummingbird migration today.  There was a link showing a Hummingbird Migration Map.  I was pretty excited about last year’s map, I guess the little hummingbirds start showing up in New Hampshire around late April.  There’s already sightings in Southern Massachusetts.  And here I was convinced that I had plenty of time to get myself a hummingbird feeder.

Any recommendations for a nice looking hummingbird feeder that wont attract hungry bears?

I’m pretty excited about hummingbirds coming to my yard, my husband and I have always enjoyed eating a takeout dinner on the firetower at Pawtuckaway State Park, and part of the charm has always been the little hummingbirds coming to eat at the feeders.  We got to watch some of the social interactions between the little guys.  I’m pretty excited to get to watch them from my house… if I can attract them.  And of course try to get pictures of them too.

The map site is part of an excellent resource on hummingbirds of several different varieties, not just the ruby-throated beauties.

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