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April 16, 2009


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Geese from across the street

So a few days ago the some of the evil geese from across the street were hanging out in our front yard.  I decided to open the blinds so that Beavis could watch them from the window ledge in the kitchen. The geese proceeded to approach the house and the gander started hissing in our general direction.

Geese from across the street

It’s my house goose, this cat is indoors, don’t worry he’s not after your precious wife. He’s probably a fraction of your size anyways.

Geese from across the street

The thing is I’m afraid to chase them away.  Last week I looked out the window to see their employee picking up ducks that had been hit by a car. As evil as they are, they are entertaining, and I don’t want to see any animal get hurt.

Geese from across the street

Not to mention they would probably attack and chase me if I went outside. I’ve seen them attack numerous families who just want to watch them swimming around in the pond. Who knows, maybe they have saved countless childrens lives by keeping them away from the water. I don’t care, I’m still tagging them as evil on Flickr.

Geese on my front lawn


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