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December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Puppy’s First Christmas

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Cooper Noel 2009

Cooper Noel 2009


December 22, 2009

Cooper’s Idea of a Down Stay

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While I was home I had the opportunity to visit two friends who are about to welcome the newest member of their family in January. Their current child, a black lab mix named Cinder, is feeling a little left out lately. So we brought Cooper over so they could play and burn off some energy.

When we brought them in, we had to put them into down stays so that they wouldn’t damage anything. Well Cooper’s idea of a good location to do a down stay was glued right up to Cinder. I think Cinder was a little embarrassed to be seen with a pup with a funny haircut wearing clothes.


October 7, 2009

Pretty Horses

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My neighbour has a few dozen horses. Many of them are beautiful Percheron draft horses that actually get used to pull sleigh rides, hay rides and to plow fields.

From our yard we can only see one of his fields and our puppy Cooper finds them fascinating. A few weeks ago a mare and her foal were in the front pasture when we were leaving for a walk. I happened to have my camera with me and a new lens, so I snapped a couple pictures. Cooper sat down as the foal started walking towards us.
Percheron mare and foal

Mom of course wouldn’t let her baby head towards a strange dog without protection. So she started walking towards us too.
Percheron mare and foal

She came right up to the fence to say hello.
Percheron mare and foal

What a beautiful animal.
Percheron mare and foal

After a quick pet from me (Cooper did an excellent sit-stay while waiting) she realised that I wasn’t going to feed her. So she headed back up the hill.
Percheron mare and foal

The foal wanted to investigate us more, but wasn’t going to risk mom’s wrath.
Percheron mare and foal
Percheron mare and foal

He’ll be a nice solid horse someday too. But right now he’s all legs.
Percheron foal

Right now the pasture contains three gorgeous mares who occasionally take to sprinting around for the fun of it.  Not a bad view in my opinion.

September 12, 2009

Smart enough for loopholes

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So my computer is only slightly fixed. I purchased an adaptor that keeps the computer alive but will not charge the battery.  And I’m trying to catch up on two weeks of two grad school classes.  So I will be back soon… I hope.

In the meantime I decided to share an adorable example of my poodle’s intelligence.  Cooper isn’t allowed on couches.  But while I was studying in my large room he decided that this cart was not a couch and therefore fair game. I turned the laptop slightly and caught him in the act with the webcam.

Cooper on the cart

Cooper on the cart.

Then I informed him that a cart was still furniture. He probably used the couch to get up there anyways.

September 3, 2009

This was going to be my Wordless Wednesday

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But then I think I fell asleep.


August 27, 2009

Doggy Daycare

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With Adam’s foot injury, Cooper hasn’t been getting his normal daily mileage in.  So I decided to take him to our local doggy daycare for the day.  I know they have a good reputation, and we already go there for training so I didn’t even check out the facility. I just dropped him off and let him be a fool for 9 hours.

When I picked him up he was being a crazy joyous mutt. I’m told that dogs normally pass out on the ride back home. Well our ride back home was only 1/2 mile. So he ran around his yard for a bit afterward.

And then glorious fatigue set in.

Beautiful magnificent fatigue.

And I took full advantage to get some pictures of us together.

He’s getting so big so fast.

Cooper does need a haircut, but at least I don’t give him insane haircuts. Example, the people who cut and dye their dog’s hair to look like camels, pandas and butterflies. I can’t imagine those dogs getting to enjoy chasing a ball through a muddy field. Oh the joy they express when they get to do that.

August 26, 2009

Down by the Ponds

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One of my aunts has two pretty little ponds in her backyard. Going on a tangent my town has 7 mosquito pools that have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephelitis so I don’t know if I would want to have a pond in my backyard.

Back on topic, I was outside taking pictures of the details of the ponds and surrounding gardens.  Little details like this:
IMGP3600And  this reflection:
And this vase fountain:

Well my pup isn’t one to be ignored. So as I was taking pictures of the fountain, he popped up

He’s such a ham. He even let me do a portrait of him before running over to me and demanding love.
I love my poodle 🙂

August 18, 2009

Obedience Doggy

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Cooper 5 monthsCooper and I have started him on the path to higher puppy education. We started the Basic Manners Class I at Pet-Agree in Candia tonight.  We’ve been doing basic obedience exercises with Cooper since he was 8 weeks old because I strongly believe that a trained dog is a happy dog.

But we were having problems with obedience with distractions such as other dogs, people and horses.

And I plan on doing competitive obedience with Cooper.  At least to the Companion Dog level. So we had to start somewhere.

So far I’ve been impressed with the class and the instructors. I’m glad to be back in a classroom of any kind.

August 17, 2009

Another lovely insect from my garden

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I’m sorry for anyone who reads this blog with arachnophobia because I’m about to make a post that may send you running for the hills due to irational fears. We often come across Spiders in the garden. We probably have dozens of different varieties in a small area of the garden alone. I generally ignore them and let them eat bugs I dislike more.

But yesterday was different. I found this black spider with yellow dots on her back and belly and had to: 1) take pictures, 2) identify her. And because I spent a significant amount of time identifying what the spider was, you my readers must deal with my nerdiness.

First of all she had a strangely weaved web. I found a picture of an Orb weaving spider that looked like her so I dug deeper. After looking at dozens of pictures of different kind of (entirely harmless) orb weaving spiders I found what she was. A simple Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia) eater of bugs (BugGuide here, Wikipedia here). I mean after all that work I would love to have a fancier name like Reynolds Goldbar Spider or something.

O.K. on to the pictures.
Argiope aurantia
Argiope aurantia

August 15, 2009

Things I hate – Japanese Beetles

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My mom asked me the other day if I ever write negative things in this blog. I generally try to keep this blog pretty positive. I like to write posts that remind me that my life is full of adventures.  But today I will make an exception. I will write about something I hate: Japanese Beetles.

Japanese Beetles
I hate Japanese Beetles. I hate how they skeletonize the plants they eat. I hate finding their grubs when I dig in the garden. I hate controlling them by hand picking them off.

Japanese Beetles
I’m actually a little happy that I gave up on the garden this year because of the drainage issues. Otherwise I think I would be spending every evening trying to kill off some of the population.

Japanese Beetles
These annoying bugs are just one more reason why I need to get some chickens and relatively soon. I guess Chickens love to eat them.

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