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October 7, 2009

Pretty Horses

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My neighbour has a few dozen horses. Many of them are beautiful Percheron draft horses that actually get used to pull sleigh rides, hay rides and to plow fields.

From our yard we can only see one of his fields and our puppy Cooper finds them fascinating. A few weeks ago a mare and her foal were in the front pasture when we were leaving for a walk. I happened to have my camera with me and a new lens, so I snapped a couple pictures. Cooper sat down as the foal started walking towards us.
Percheron mare and foal

Mom of course wouldn’t let her baby head towards a strange dog without protection. So she started walking towards us too.
Percheron mare and foal

She came right up to the fence to say hello.
Percheron mare and foal

What a beautiful animal.
Percheron mare and foal

After a quick pet from me (Cooper did an excellent sit-stay while waiting) she realised that I wasn’t going to feed her. So she headed back up the hill.
Percheron mare and foal

The foal wanted to investigate us more, but wasn’t going to risk mom’s wrath.
Percheron mare and foal
Percheron mare and foal

He’ll be a nice solid horse someday too. But right now he’s all legs.
Percheron foal

Right now the pasture contains three gorgeous mares who occasionally take to sprinting around for the fun of it.  Not a bad view in my opinion.


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