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August 31, 2009

Polaroid Modifications for Digital images

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Digital images essentially reduced the importance of Polaroid pictures in our society. But people still have nostalgia for them in scrapbooking purposes. So frames and actions are available in Photoshop to give your images that polaroid look.

I found a new free internet photo service that lets you create polaroids using various effects sans photoshop. It’s called Rollip.

To demonstrate lets use the picture I love of Cooper the second day he lived with us. I can’t believe how much he’s grown, it’s almost like having a different dog now.
Cooper at the Beach

Rollip’s site currently has 6 small polaroid options, 6 full size options, and 12 frame options for the small polaroid. The frame options allow you to leave the font section blank. I’m applied the modifications and frames to the images with 1 to 6 being top to bottom in the modifications options and 1 to 6 being left to right, down one row, left to right on the first page of  frame options.

Rollip Polaroid Modification #1
Small Polaroid #1, Frame #1

Rollip Polaroid Effect #2
Small Polaroid #2, Frame #2

Rollip Polaroid Effect #3
Small Polaroid #3, Frame #3

Rollip Polaroid Effect #4
Small Polaroid #4, Frame #4

Rollip Polaroid Effect #5
Small Polaroid #5, Frame #5

Rollip Polaroid Effect #6
Small Polaroid #6, Frame #6

Rollip Polaroid Effect Full Size #6
Full Size #6

For some reason, frame 2 and 6 don’t seem to accommodate numbers. There is actually a second page of 6 small polaroid frames that I missed the first time I went through them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them if you like Polaroid style pictures.

Picnik also offers a free polaroid frame if accessed through their site instead of through Flickr. It’s advantage is that you can rotate the polaroid framed photo.
Picnik Polaroid

You can also combine the Polaroid effect with the other free effects and text tools offered on the Picnik site. The one below uses the 1960s effect with one of the free fonts.
Cooper Polaroid with 1960s effect

Which do you like the most?

I never had a Polaroid camera so I can’t comment on how authentic it looks. I sort of like all of them except for modifications #4 which I feel is much too washed out.

Let me know if you try a web-based polaroid creator.


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  1. And some excellent examples of why we don’t use Polaroids anymore.

    Cooper looks adorable know matter how you “process” him though.

    Comment by Mindee@ourfrontdoor — September 1, 2009 @ 10:52 am

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