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August 8, 2009

Strange Coincidence

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I had an amazing day today. I got to go to the Farmers Market, wandered around Concord, took Cooper to the Farmer’s Market, visited with a friend, worked on my first quilt, made an amazing lunch, visited a lighthouse, visited Tall Ships, walked around Portsmouth, took pictures of flowers and had an awesome smootie.

I had an interesting encounter in those adventures. An encounter that truly demonstrates what a small world we have in New Hampshire.

This morning Cooper and I went to the Concord Farmer’s market. The Concord Farmer’s market is one of my Favorites because dogs are allowed and we always meet a lot of dogs. Actually today we saw several Goldendoodles and a Labradoodle.
Concord Farmer's Market

Then this afternoon I went to the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse to see the sights. This is a significant drive away from Concord.
Portsmouth Harbour Lighthouse

As I was leaving the lighthouse I suddenly saw a Samoyed. I had seen a Samoyed that morning in Concord. Samoyeds are not a common breed in these parts. Also, the owner looked familiar. We briefly spoke and realized that we had seen each other that morning at the Farmer’s Market in Concord.
Sergei the Samoyed

And to think, I never would have realized we had seen each other earlier in the day if she had not brought her dog. I have a much better memory for dogs than people faces.

Note: For those who read this blog, not familiar with New Hampshire Concord and Newcastle are over an hour apart on the shortest route possible.


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