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August 6, 2009

Top 15 For Outdoor Kids

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Manchester Skyline

New Hampshire has once again topped the list of Best place to raise kids in the United States. It’s the fifth year in a row that we have earned that honour. The article cites the relative wealth and education of residents of New Hampshire as a factor.

In addition Manchester, New Hampshire, the closest city to my home has made a list that I would consider to be prestigious. Backpacker Magazine put out a list of the Best Cities to Raise Outdoor Kids. Manchester is #14 on a list that includes big name outdoor places (in brackets the first thing that comes to my mind) such as Boulder, CO (climbing), Jackson, WY (skiing), Flagstaff, AZ (canyoneering), Juneau, AK (just about anything Winter) and Seattle, WA (mountaineering).

Manchester is also the largest city in New England to make the list. Burlington, Vermont (#8), Portland, Maine (#12), and Lebanon, New Hampshire (#10), also get nods higher on the list. Conway, New Hampshire gets a special nod for Best Place to Raise an Ice Climber, and Rutland, Vermont get the award for Best Place to Raise a Thru Hiker.

I completely agree with Manchester (and bedroom communities like Candia) as an excellent area to raise outdoor kids. The White Mountains are within two hours of the city for relatively major hiking, skiing, and ice climbing. Major climbing areas like Rumney and Whitehorse/Cathedral are relatively close and compliment the many smaller closer crags including the known for Bouldering Pawtuckaway state park.

A relatively wet state New Hampshire has many small rivers and lakes perfect for Kayaking (both flat water and whitewater), Canoeing, Swimming and Fishing. Our small ocean shore, only an hour from Manchester also allows for some Ocean kayaking.

The winters in New Hampshire also allow for a great deal of snow adventures. Raising kids to snowshoe, alpine ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, mountaineer or ice climb assures that they look forward to the snow instead of entering the World of dread. All these activities are available in New Hampshire. And to those who don’t believe that Mountaineering is actually available in our short mountain state, spend some time on the presidential range in the White Mountains.

Cyclists even seem to enjoy the region around Manchester, I regularly see road bikes on my road. And I get out of the way of Mountain Bikes in Bear Brook and Massebesic Lake Conservation area. I’m sure there is even downhill biking in the Northern Parts of the state.

Of course you cannot raise an outdoor kid without getting outdoors yourself. But even residents who partake in nature walks in the many conservation areas and state parks in the area on a regular basis are bound to get at least a little bit of enthusiasm from the youngsters.

That being said, residents of Northern New England. Get those kids outside. The resources in our area are amazing and endless!


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  1. Yeah for NH! I went to school in Hanover and love, love, loved it!! Nature Boy and I will be going back next week to celebrate our anniversary, then on to Maine for Vacation!

    thanks for the props for the cat… Here’s a few more snaps…

    They are a hand full!

    Comment by Sharon — August 7, 2009 @ 11:36 am

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