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August 2, 2009

Cat multiplication

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HappyCat, Halo and Audrey

HappyCat, Halo and Audrey

The last few days I have noticed a strange occurance. We normally have two cats. It’s an acceptable number because when we go away for a couple days the cats keep each other company. As much as they like to pretend they hate each other the cats are friends. Two cats generally do not cause me to notice anything peculiar.

Add a third cat and all of a sudden I feel like there are cats every where. There’s a cat on the bed as I wake up, a different one in the bathroom waiting for petting, a third in the kitchen asking for a treat. I grab my coffee, there’s two cats on the couch I sit on to read my e-mails as I drink coffee in the morning. There’s a commotion in the other room, the puppy chases the third cat into view. I walk to the downstairs bedroom where we keep an office talk to Adam, I turn around, there’s three cats in various positions in the hall. I feel a little invaded to tell you the truth.

Happy and HaloThe reason for this cat multiplication is Halo. Halo is pretty much my adopted cat niece. Her mother is a friend that I consider so close that she’s pretty much my adopted into my life in adulthood sister. After finishing grad school, my friend decided to travel a little before joining the grown up world.  So Halo came to live with us.

She’s a pretty layed back cat who loves (and demands) human attention. She’s usually the one waiting for love in the bathroom in the morning. She either loves the puppy, or is too lazy to get out of his way so pretends she loves him.  She will share a couch with HappyCat.

Audrey however has been a little vocal about the new addition. This is Halo’s third stay with us and I think Aud-ball is a little insulted by Halo’s repeat disappearances.  It’s probably also a two new cats on her territory within a month thing.

But for better or worst, my house will feel filled with cats for the next few months.

Anyone else noticed something similar, two cats is fine but add a third and you feel like you have a dozen?


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