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July 28, 2009


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I figured I would make a quick post while my parents get ready for dinner. So this is one I had started writing up while I was in Saratoga.

The biggest difference between Huskies and Poodles which I have noticed has been the predatory instinct. Huskies are a fantastic breed, smart, beautiful, athletic, but small non-dog animals that run away are generally considered food.

Enter Cooper. As I write this i’m in upstate New York visiting a friend who has two bunnies. In preparation for our arrival she has caged her bunnies in the pantry of the house. The metal “playpen” extends a little bit into the hall. Cooper can’t seem to differentiate the bunnies from the cats. He wants to visit them, but also seems a little scared of them. I think if it were up to him he would just snuggle.

The bunnies for their part are constantly thumping to warn the humans that a dangerous animal is in their midst. They can’t seem to tell that Cooper is a gentle dog that would only try to play with them. Mind you if there was a husky in the room they might have been right. My last husky was the world’s most gentle and sweet animal. But he would go to great lengths to catch wild bunnies to “feed” his pack.

As much as my huskies were marvelous dogs and I would still get another someday, it is much more relaxing to know that my dog isn’t going to make a meal out of my friends’ pets while I’m asleep in the next room.


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