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July 16, 2009

Happy the Cat

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Happy the CatTonight I’m introducing our latest feline addition to the blog. We got Happy at the Manchester Animal Shelter a couple weeks ago and have yet to find him a name we like better. Happy is an approximately one year old domestic shorthair that was found as a stray. After a few weeks with us we understand how he got caught.

The Elusive Happy CatHappy is very much a people cat. I actually have very few pictures of him because he always wants to hang out on us. At least half the pictures we have are from the webcam. He wants to be a lap or shouldertop cat.

The Elusive Happy CatBut he does have some of the stray left in him. And an incident this morning required his introduction to the blog. I bought a package of turkey bacon, which really only tastes good when mixed with other foods. Because I’m trying to get rid of the package faster I made an extra slice for the dog this morning. Cooper spent most of his time gumming and chewing on the piece of bacon as Adam, Ben and I watched and commented. All of a sudden we noticed that Happy was creeping up around the counter. He walked up to the puppy and took the piece of bacon right out of his mouth. A brief tug-of-war later, Happy had the meat and Cooper was left wondering what had happened. Scrappy kitty.

Happy the CatSo he’s generally working out pretty well. We wish he got along better with Audrey but we are hoping it will come with time. And he’s overly affectionate when we are sitting around, but terrified when someone first enters the room. Sometimes I just wish I knew what he had been through.

Happy the CatSo there we have it internet, there’s Happy the cat. We still might rename him, but for now that’s it.


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  1. What a brave kitty…and a cute one, too! Stopping by from SITS to with you a happy day…

    Comment by Aunt Julie — July 17, 2009 @ 7:52 am

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