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July 14, 2009

Failed BBQ and Fireworks Viewed through Trees

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We are still stuck on last weekend.  But I promise, after this we will move on.

After our lovely hike on a beautiful day in New Hampshire (it had been raining for at least 3 or 4 weeks almost daily so we were all a little antsy) we decided to have a BBQ on the beach.  This was going to work out well because Portsmouth had had to delay their fireworks to Sunday night because of the constant rain.  This did however, give us some time constraints.

So we loaded up the car with a cooler full of food, blankets, dog toys and a portable grill my parents had given us on our last camping trip with them. Timing was crucial, dogs are only allowed on beaches in Rye after 7pm and the fireworks would start at 9:15 in Portsmouth. So we had to grill quickly and get going.

Evening Beach TimeWell it turns out I couldn’t figure out how to light the charcoal. I guess I’ve always used pre-soaked charcoal in the past or something because without lighter fluid that grill was not starting up. So technically we had hauled all that stuff over the seawall and down to the beach for nothing.  So we ate potato salad and hot dogs out of the package. The boys say that the key is to pretty much smother the hot dog in BBQ sauce for this to be edible.

Evening Beach TimeCooper loves the beach, as do I. I’m a mariner at heart. But the ocean has never been a priority for Adam.  As he watched the pup sprint along the sand, and bounce around with his toys he understood quickly why I love the beach even more than before now. I think I may be able to convince the hubby to come with us to the beach again someday.
Cooper on the Beach

A key that Adam likes about the beach is that Cooper is trapped on two sides (the seawall and the ocean) and has a very long distance of sand to sprint after his toys.

Of course Ben liked the beach too.  Cooper really like having another puppy human around to play with on occasion.

Evening Beach TimeWe headed over to Portsmouth for the fireworks. I had no idea where the fireworks would be launching so I grabbed a small tripod to capture the lights in the sky if the view cooperated.

Portsmouth’s fireworks are launched from the Portsmouth Dog Park enclosure (great idea though, it’s mostly fine gravel and sand). And we had a tree between us and the fireworks.  Which still turned out to be spectacular, but ended up making for strange pictures (I gave up on the tripod when I realized we would not have a great view).

Portsmouth Fireworks
Portsmouth Fireworks

Portsmouth Fireworks

Portsmouth Fireworks

Portsmouth Fireworks

Coop really impressed me. He remained calm during most of the event, only raising his head and looking around during the grand finale.  “Is anyone else panicking? Should I panic? No one is going anywhere, I guess I’m fine.” And people kept trying to warn us against bringing a 4 1/2 month old puppy to fireworks as we walked in.


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