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July 1, 2009

Point and Shoot

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We had a new housemate move-in last weekend. There was the hustle and bustle of several of his friends running stuff up our small stairwell to the second floor.  There was Cooper dancing around because he loved all the people.  There was the wonder of how the Uhaul looked so full of things and yet the bedroom looked empty with the same items because it’s so large.  There was a great time at the Chinese food restaurant afterwards.  And of all those fun activities, all I have is a grainy cell phone picture of the scorpion bowl I drank with dinner.

There are situations were the DSLR is just too big, too clunky, too obvious and too delicate to be taken out and used.  Sometimes people shy away. Or ask you if you are a “real photographer” in either a questioning or taunting tone. It can be harder to get candid pictures (if you don’t have a telephoto lens on) because people notice the big long lens aimed their way (*I’ve heard that photojojo’s spy lens can help remedy this problem). I become fearful of it getting bumped or damaged. Other people become concerned for my camera’s safety too.

I love the clarity and control offered by my DSLR, but I feel the DSLR means business. I sometimes wish I still had a little pocket sized point and shoot camera.  Something that allowed me to whip it out and take pictures of the good times when I don’t want to be carrying around a one pound plus camera. A camera that I could sneak into places where cameras may or may not be permitted. A camera where I could ask a passerby to take our picture without having to explain that the DSLR is set to automatic, or be fearful of the passerby damaging the camera.

Point and shoot digital cameras, in my opinion, are probably the biggest improvement I have seen between the film and digital world. The features on the new Point and shoot cameras, the quality of the prints and the ease of use can turn even the most unsure photographers into someone who takes decent pictures. Good enough pictures to trust your memories to. And some point and shoot fans (eg. Jes the Bes) manage to take stunning pictures with their point and shoot cameras. Jes actually occasionally does posts trying to help people get the most out of their point and shoots.

I remain a loyal fan of SLRs (especially my 30+ year old film SLR which has been my friend since before birth) but I do understand the major benefits of a point and shoot camera.  Especially because my cell phone camera just doesn’t do anything justice.

Scorpion Bowl from Asian Breeze on Saturday

Scorpion Bowl from Asian Breeze on Saturday taken with a Camera Phone

Anyone else love their point and shoot? Anyone hate them? Want to complain about your cell phone camera? Leave me a comment 🙂


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  1. All of those reasons are why I still haven’t upgraded to a SLR camera. I bought a really powerful point and shoot and am so thankful that I did because I can drag it around everywhere.

    Comment by Jes the Bes — July 1, 2009 @ 10:26 am

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