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July 1, 2009

Canadian Tattoo

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In honour of my beloved native country’s day I decided to write a post about the only tattoo I have, the maple leaf on my ankle.  As a Canadian living in the United States I still feel very proud of this tattoo, and it’s always a great conversation starter.

My Tattoo

I went to university in the United States on a rowing scholarship.  I missed my country but the opportunity to live, study and train for my sport in another country, in a city that I adored from the first moment I saw her, was too great a temptation. I even opted to stay and work on a summer co-op my freshman year.  But as July 1st and 4th approached, I grew homesick. A few of my friends decided it was as good a time as any to go visit the Niagara region, so off to Canada we went.

After a very long drive in a very small car we were in Canada before Independence day. This became somewhat of a tradition for me for the next three or four years, spending the 4th of July on “my” side of the border. I’m not sure why I chose that moment, but while we were in Canada, on the 4th of July, I went into a tattoo parlour (I had made an appointment at a reliable salon) and got my nationality’s symbol permanently inked to my skin.

I had wanted a tattoo for some time, but the only thing I could think of that would bring me pride no matter how old and wrinkly I became was my country’s leaf. It’s small, but bright red. Easily hidden, but exposed without affecting modesty. I have never been embarrassed to have it, but I sometimes forget it’s there when people out of the blue ask me if I’m Canadian.

As I now have a Green Card in the United States, and will most likely stay here most of my life, I still love my country.  I miss parts of my country. I still visit my country and scheme on if I could ever get Adam to move up there with me. My tattoo is a reminder that Canada is an important part of who I am and who I will continue to be.

Just like my love of Poutine… The French Fries, Gravy and Cheese curd dish that has pretty much become the symbol of Canadian food. A coworker and I went to Chez Vachon in Manchester’s West End to partake in this artery clogging dish to celebrate Canada day.  It was worth it.

Poutine at Chez Vachon

Other things we did to celebrate Canada day, drank beer and watched the South Park Movie. What better way to celebrate than to sing along to the hit single Blame Canada.


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  1. The meal, that poutine thing, yuck yuck and more yuck.

    Comment by Jes the Bes — July 2, 2009 @ 8:23 am

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