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June 30, 2009

Cooper’s First 4000 Footer

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Cooper on Tecumseh

Cooper on Tecumseh

I have another sad post I’ll have to write later but I want some happy posts in between.  I was visiting an animal shelter this afternoon when I got a picture message from my husband.  The picture included the caption: “Cooper’s first 4k”. This is exciting to both me and Adam.

New Hampshire has 48 peaks over 4,ooo feet in elevation.  While this may seem short to people from out West, it’s what we have and some are quite challenging. From Mount Washington at 6288 feet to Mount Tecumseh at 4003 feet, the White Mountains are full of hikers attempting to complete the 4000-footer’s club list. Which Adam and I have both completed.  Adam has actually completed the list in Winter.  Dogs may apply to the club, but only as having completed the all-season list.

Going on a tangent, the reason dogs may not receive the winter patch is that some dogs have the advantage of being well suited to winter climates (think Newfoundlands, Siberian huskies, etc.) while others would be at risk if an over enthusiastic owner tried to get them up a mountain in adverse conditions. Tangent over.

One of the reasons we got a dog was to bring him hiking with us.  To enjoy the trails and mountains. To complete the list one more time would be a bonus.  It’s an excuse to get our butts out hiking.  And today he completed the first peak on his list:  Mount Tecumseh.

Mount Tecumseh is the small mountain on which the Waterville Valley ski slope is found.  It’s generally a great peak for beginners and dogs.  With a round trip book time of about 4 hours. Considering it’s low height it does have a couple interesting view points. If you are interested in Hiking Mount Tecumseh, pick up a map and read this website and/or the AMC’s White Mountain Guide.


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