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June 15, 2009

FiveFingers Update

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Vibram Five fingers in action

I’ve been loving my Vibram FiveFingers so far. They are so strange as shoes. I can feel every rock, every stick and every puddle. I find myself having to pay attention to what I am stepping on or in all over again.

Vibram Five fingers in action

I mostly wear them to go walking in the woods with the puppy. This means I don’t wear them as often in real life because they often have leftover mud and dirt inside the shoes. They do dry very quickly though and seem to wash easily. Which is nice because I take them on all sorts of adventures.

Vibram Five fingers in action

When I do wear them out I always get a lot of comments. “Are those shoes?” “I’ve never seen anything like that before.” “Those are cute.” “Where do you find shoes like those?’

As for the biomechanics experiment aspect of wearing the shoes. I feel the plantar fascitiis less while I’m wearing the shoes, but it does sometimes act up afterward. The fact that I can feel everything under my feet makes me cautious, therefore pound less on my feet which probably helps. On the negative side the shoes seem to make my tarsal tunnel syndrome act up on occasion.

Vibram Five fingers in action

I feel very confident wearing them on rock. I feel like I stick to the rock better than with normal sneakers. I would love to wear them on some of the domes in Yosemite.

The funny part of wearing the shoes in the forest is that plant life can get trapped in between the toes.

Vibram Five fingers in action


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  1. I saw your comments regarding VFFs and tarsal tunnel syndrome during a google search for the same. I may have tts and wear VFF. How to you handle tts? I am an aspiring marathoner and was forced to drop out of my first one due to foot pain. Awaiting a medical confirmation of the tts. Thanks, Logan

    Comment by Logan Hejl — December 2, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

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