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June 14, 2009

Prissy Poodle

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When we told people we were getting a poodle we occasionally got funny looks. “A poodle? Aren’t those a little prissy for what you guys do?” I have to admit both Adam and I had a few negative stereotypes of Poodles in mind when we started down the Poodle path.

When we started talking about getting a dog we were leaning towards Portuguese Water Dogs because of Adam’s allergies. They are a wonderful breed: intelligent, loyal, athletic and obedient. But they are expensive, and shortly after buying our house President Barack Obama showed an interest in the breed. One of the reasons I liked the breed was it’s rarity, the fact that breeders were very careful in selecting mates and owners. I liked the idea of having a breed that wasn’t seen on a regular basis. If we got a PWD we would appear to be one of the people who wanted a PWD because the President’s puppy Bo was of the breed.

Then I found Cooper’s Standard Poodle litter down in Massachusetts, the price was right, the parents were wonderful, and he was the last puppy left waiting for a home. I put a deposit down, Adam was still hesitant but he trusted me.

When we went to see the puppy we got to meet both his parents. Cooper’s breeders didn’t keep any of their poodles in show clips. Adam actually liked how they looked. He admitted to me that he thought that poodles had naked faces naturally, and that made him uncomfortable.

I’ll admit I didn’t really know that much about standard poodles other than what I had read in the AKC and CKC standards. My aunt Betty-Ann and her daughter my cousin Lorraine both have and adore their standard poodles. They recommend them highly. But I always pictured poodles as being, well prissy. Prim and proper, well behaved, always perfectly groomed and dainty is how I imagined them.

It turns out that standard poodles are large joyful high energy dogs. They LOVE being goofy and have no fear of dirt and mud…

Muddy Puppy

Muddy Puppy

Cooper needs a bath

Pawtuckaway Day

Pawtuckaway Day

And I LOVE it!

Muddy Puppy

And mud means bath time. Which always makes him look silly.

Bath time
Bath time

Bath time



  1. Hey Cousine, you are entirely right, people need to be educated on poodles, or at least standard poodles, they are in fact an excellent water fowl hunting dog, and that is the origine of the so called prissy clips, they shaved down the body so they would not get to heavy with water but kept the fur on the joints so the dog would not get to cold. But like you I much rather a full body clip or what they call puppy or kennel clip, and most of the time, standard poodles are the furthest thing from being prissy. Good luck with yours, he looks so cute and playfull, but you will not be bathing him in the sink for very long. Enjoy!

    Comment by Frances Lorrain Antila-Dyck — June 14, 2009 @ 10:43 pm

    • Well the “prissy” poodle clips are also teased out and a little exaggerated from the original hunting clip.

      We’ve actually had people tell us they didn’t realize that poodles came in “big”. He’s been perfect for us. But I now know why you and Betty Ann like the black ones, blonde gets so dirty so quickly 😉

      When he’s just sitting around being good he sits very straight and looks very dignified. But more like a gentleman than a poofy snob.

      Comment by Miriam — June 15, 2009 @ 8:03 am

  2. If I didn’t know I would never had guessed that he was poodle. I love the picutre where he has mud all up his legs. He looks like a lamb in that one.

    Comment by Jessica — June 15, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

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