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June 2, 2009

Erin’s Commencement

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Erin's Commencement

I  dislike graduations.  I find them bittersweet.  They symbolize both a  beginning and an end. After all that time, all that effort and all that money, all you get a handshake and a piece of paper. And most graduation ceremonies seem unnecessarily long.

Erin's CommencementSaturday one of my best friends graduated from UMass Lowell with her Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I told her I hated commencement ceremonies, I even skipped my high school graduation.  But it seemed important to her that I, her adopted sister, be there for her big day.  So I went.

Erin's CommencementI sat with her parents and her real sister and watched all the honorary degrees and speeches.  Erin’s sister had graduated from UMass Amhearst a week prior.  I guess the President of the University system gave the same speech both times.  But Erin’s parents felt his delivery was better the second time.

Erin's CommencementThey called out the name of every graduate.  It took forever.  So many of the graduates left immediately after walking.  I found it very disrespectful. The Sheriff of Middlesex county, in charge of adjurning the Ceremony actually thanked all those who had stayed til the end to show support for all the graduates.

Erin's CommencementMy favorite part of University commencement ceremonies (lets face it the only part I like other than watching whomever I am there to support  beam as they get their diploma) is watching the parade of professors in a rainbow of robes representing the University where they got their PhD.

Erin's CommencementOf course then I did a photoshoot afterwards.

Erin's CommencementI even got a picture of myself with the proud grad.

Erin's CommencementAnd pictures with the family.

Erin's CommencementI even got the sisters to pretend they like each other.  I mean they are only 2 years apart.

Erin's CommencementErin’s always been a good sport about being a model for me.

Erin's Commencement
This is kind of a random picture, but I love how it looks like her mom is busy planning and Erin is busy dreaming.

Erin's Commencement7 years of University DONE!
Congratulations Erin! I’m so proud of you!!!


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