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June 2, 2009


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One of my latest hobbies is called Waymarking. Waymarking is a little like geocaching except instead of finding a hidden container, waymarking leads you to interesting sites. These sites can be statues, plaques, parks, interesting historical buildings and more. The goal of finding these things is to help you learn more about the area you are visiting. The historical aspects of the place, or even just interesting parts of your community to visit that you may have overlooked.


I started Waymarking as research for a trivia scavenger hunt I’d like to do someday. And it was a great way to get Cooper the poodle puppy out and about, visiting parks and meeting people. Also the statues and plaques we find make great things to photograph.

Stark Park Manchester

Lets face it, I waymark more as an excuse to get outside with my dog and camera.

And sometimes we find very random items on our wandering travels that make for interesting pictures. Like this random piece of art found on the windowsill of a building in Manchester.

StarsSo there will be posts about things I find while waymarking (and possibly geocaching) on this site starting soon. Those of you who follow my flickr may have seen some of the pictures show up on occasion.  If you think of places worth the photography and history lessons in New Hampshire, let me know.


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