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May 2, 2009

Biomechanics Experiment

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My new Vibram FiveFingers

I have plantar fasciitis, badly.  I’ve had it for at least three years.  I’ve seen podiatrists, done physical therapy, spent too much money on orthodics that ended up breaking. I used to be a runner, I used to do 30+ mile long backpacks and now I feel trapped because I never know when it acts up how badly it will act up.  It can be crippling to a point that I can barely walk.

I need new orthodics, I’ve been putting it off because the last ones broke and still didn’t seem to help that much. They cost the cost of my deductible so I’ve been putting off finding a new podiatrist to make new orthodics for me. The other day I came across an article that claimed that running shoes can actually be harmful to your feet. I had been looking into the biomechanics of barefoot running for a while and the article made a lot of sense to me.

My new Vibram FiveFingers

So I bought myself a pair of Vibram FiveFingers as an attempt to strengten my feet and hopefully reduce my foot pain by allowing myself to walk in my natural gait.  They are pricey, but so far I’ve really enjoyed them. The FiveFingers are basically just a piece of vibram rubber protecting your foot from the environment. You can flex and spread your toes in a natural fashion and the shoe does not encourage you to run in a specific motion (as in striking heel rolling to toe).

There are people who run with them, but I think I’ll just start off with walking and maybe eventually some hiking.

I’ll keep you updated the progress of my experiment. Worst comes to worst I’ll go back to the podiatrist and get orthodics again.  And in the meantime, I’ll get lots of comments about my shoes.

My new Vibram FiveFingers


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