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May 31, 2009

First Panoramic Picture

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I stiched together my first Panorama in Photoshop today.  This is the view from my aunt’s balcony, well 90 degrees of the view.  She sees both the Stade Olympic and Mont Royal from her 14th floor balcony.  If I had that apartment I’d be spending all my time on that balcony. Click on the picture and select “all sizes” to see it larger and more detailed.

I found making a Panoramic picture very easy in Photoshop CS3 using the auto-align and auto-blend features.  If anyone would be interested in me posting a tutorial let me know.


May 30, 2009

Dad’s mustang

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I went to college on a full scholarship, my brother didn’t go to college, he did electrician’s training. When I was in college my dad couldn’t wait for me to be done. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t suddenly lose my scholarship and be left with a semester of college and no way to pay for it.  But he couldn’t wait for me to finish because he wanted a Ford Mustang.  Not just any Mustang, a powerful mustang.

I called it his delayed mid-life crisis.

I graduated in 2006.  He bought himself a 2007 Mustang GT California edition, black.  He seems pretty happy with it (not the process of getting it but that’s another story). And at least he was able to think long and hard about it before committing. I’m sure he would thank me for going to a 5 year college if he thought of it that way.

Dad's mustang at sunset

Dad's mustang at sunset

May 29, 2009

Wapack 50/Pineland Farms 50

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Adam’s pretty heavily involved in his ultramarathon racing season. Two weeks ago he raced the Wapack 50.

Wapack 50

It’s 50 miles on the rugged Wapack trail in Southern New Hampshire. Cooper and I hiked Pack Monadnock so we could meet him and there was rocks that the puppy just couldn’t jump in the middle of the trail. I can’t imagine what the other 48.5 miles were like.

Adam post Wapack 50

He had to drop out after 42 miles. His feet were completely messed up from being too wet too long. I had never seen anything like it before.

Foot pain

He still got a medal for finishing 42 miles but he was disappointed in not finishing.

Wapack 50

So last weekend while I was in Quebec he was in Maine racing the Pineland Farms 50 miler. I don’t have any pictures of the race. But he finished 16th with a time of 8 hours and 28 minutes. A new Personal Record for him and something to get his ego back into place.

Next race is Pittsfield Peaks in Vermont June 6th. I should be there for that one.

May 28, 2009


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I’m a packrat, I’m aware of it. I have possessions of all sorts stashed away all over the house. Sometimes I don’t even use the things I have stashed away, I just collect the items and let them collect dust. You know, in case I ever need them.

This is the scene I find on a regular basis on mornings when the Puppy has spent the night free from his crate:
Cooper's "possession hoarde"Over the course of the night Cooper acquired several of his toys, lots of the cats’ toys (which he picked out of the kittie’ toy basket), both my flip flops, a pair of Adam’s boxers and a empty pie crust box. He even moved his food dish to be closer to his “nest”. He wasn’t chewing on them, he just had a collection going.

I looked at this and shook my head. Eight short hours before his nest was neatly arranged with no toys or items in sight. My puppy was a hoarder, a pack rat.

So I shook my head and headed to the kitchen and went to get out some coffee.

My Coffee HoardAt least we wont be running out of coffee any time soon.

May 27, 2009


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Dogs in ActionThis is Callie. She’s my in-laws’ dog. She’s a nearly 2 year old Gordon Setter.

Dogs in ActionCallie likes chasing things.

Dogs in ActionThis is Cooper. He is my dog. He’s a 3 month old Standard Poodle.

Dogs in ActionCooper likes chasing things.

Dogs in ActionCallie brings things back.

Dogs in ActionCooper brings things back.

Dogs in ActionCallie chases.

Dogs in ActionCallie brings stuff back to throw again.

Dogs in ActionCooper chases.

Dogs in ActionCooper brings stuff back so he can play with it.

Being a dog can be simple and fun. Any questions?

Portraits with the Puppy

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We keep trying to get pictures of us with the puppy so we get some perspective of how small he is now. I like taking portraits but I don’t feel that they are my strong point, so I need more practice anyways.

I love this picture of Adam with the puppy. I usually have trouble getting him to smile for pictures.
Massabesic May 2009

This is the best one I’ve gotten of myself with the puppy.  I don’t really like the angle at which it was taken.  It makes my huge shoulders look like an extra large Football player with oversized shoulderpads. 🙂 Cooper looks cute with his eyes closed though.

Massabesic May 2009

May 26, 2009

Nature walk

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One of the reasons I love New Hampshire is how close I feel to nature. We spend a lot of time hanging out in the woods. I love getting close ups of all sorts of different things. I actually wish I had a Macro lens for the Pentax *ist, but I make do with what I have.

Massabesic May 2009Some lichen on a Boulder

Massabesic May 2009Mushrooms are always one of my favorites

Massabesic May 2009An odd little man made pond in the woods

WildflowersSome sort of little pink wildflowers


New Hampshire’s Official Wildflower: The Pink Lady’s Slipper

May 21, 2009

My Monkey Man

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I like monkeys. I find them humourous and I love to watch them climbing all over things. So somehow I turned my husband into a Monkey.

Massabesic May 2009

When I met my husband he was frightened of heights. So to help him with his fear I brought him to a climbing gym.

Massabesic May 2009

He quickly developed a passion for the sport. Now he climbs multi-pitch climbs and talks about doing big walls.

Massabesic May 2009

Now no boulder is safe from his desire to climb it. Occasional structures as well. He boulders and free climbs to heights that would certainly make his mother nervous.

Massabesic May 2009

He’s very modest, but he’s actually quite good. Not competitive climbing good, but good enough to really enjoy a lot of routes on lead (Lead climbing is when you climb above your last piece of protection so if you fall you double your drop. Usually you want to feel confident enough in your skills that you wont fall at the level you are climbing at).

Massabesic May 2009

He even finds his way up trees on occasion.

Massabesic May 2009

Cooper has been enjoying hanging out when my husband is climbing around too.

Massabesic May 2009

May 20, 2009

My Joker

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To show that life goes on and to put a smile on my face after that last post, I would like to post this picture of my puppy.

Rye Beach May 2009

My Grandmaman

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My grandmother Irene

My maternal grandmother Irene passed away on Monday, she was 92. The picture above of her and my grandfather was taken 4 years ago when I went to visit them for their 65th wedding anniversary.

My grandmother, or more appropriately “ma grandmere” or “grandmaman”, grew up in a very rural agricultural part of Quebec known as Gaspesie. I don’t remember ever going to Gaspesie, but I’m told it was a beautiful place near the Ocean.  She was an eldest child and spent a lot of her childhood helping care for her younger siblings.

On June 24th 1940, she married my grandfather, at 5 o’clock in the morning! I guess with the war going on in Europe the priest wanted to make sure they were married before he went on a trip somewhere so he told them to meet him at 5 am at the church. Their wedding reception was a meal at her parents house. They were together almost 69 years.

Over those years they had 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls. In 1955, my grandparents decided to move to Montreal in order to better support their growing family. My grandfather has told me stories of the culture shock that came from moving to the city. When my mother was born in 1950, their small town only had one car… and it belonged to the town’s doctor. Montreal was a whole other experience.

Her life has not been easy. She had to manage her finances carefully to support her family but succeeded. She had to watch three of her children die before her, one as a toddler, one as a teenager and one as a relatively young adult, but she survived. I can’t say that I knew that much about her because I lived so far away, and she preferred that I talk about my life than talk about her past. But I know that she has sacrificed and worked so hard to raise her children right.

We will miss her, but I know my grandfather will miss her the most. She was his whole life.

So I will be going to Quebec this weekend to celebrate her life with my family. She was never rich, she was never famous, but she left behind 2 sons, 4 daugthers, 16 grandchildren and 11 great grand-children. She leaves behind a legacy of intelligence and strength. And she was loved.

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