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April 30, 2009

Cooper’s Arrival (Part 2)

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The second part of our puppy’s first weekend with us was eventful in itself, but a little less insane than the first (I hope). He seems a little more content and happier to play at least.

  • Race Prep: My house can be pretty busy the morning of a sporting event, especially if guests stayed over to attend sporting event with us. Erin was racing the Muddy Moose with Adam and Dawn decided to come to New Hampshire and hang out with us. So a couple people rushing around to get ready and a long car ride over we made it to the race in Wolfeboro.

Cooper 8 weeks

  • Muddy Moose Start: Race starts are usually the busiest part of the spectator business. With a couple hundred people racing the 4 and 14 mile courses and spectators both human and canine cheering on their loved ones it can be pretty chaotic. But Cooper took it in stride. He was thrilled to meet an Irish Wolfhound (who stepped back when the puppy went to greet her). And was perfectly behaved even when 3 or 4 children were petting him at the same time.

Maggie the Irish Wolfhound

  • Beach: While our runners were out we decided to go to a beach on Lake Winnipesauke (New Hampshire’s largest lake). We found a little town beach called Brewster Beach which turned out to be a great photo opportunity. Cooper is pretty much the colour of the sand on that beach. He had no interest in getting his feet wet so I didn’t really force him to. On the way back to the car we made him walk on his own which I was very proud of. I know it’s a silly thing to be proud of but he had spent the entire weekend travelling from arm to arm and I honestly wasn’t even sure if he could walk on his own for more than a few steps.

Cooper 8 weeks

  • Muddy Moose Finish: In summary, he slept. He’d lift his head when people came to pet him but other than that he slept.
  • Movie Party on the Deck: Both girls decided to come home and make use of my 758 sq foot deck (the deck itself is larger than both of our previous apartments if the size on file is correct). We installed a TV and a DVD player on a chair piled blankets and pillows on the wood and watched “chick flicks”. Cooper suffered terribly by taking a nap in between my two friends the entire time.


Of course that night he woke me up several times because his daytime naps meant that he wanted me to play with him at 2am.

Luckily for him this week has consisted mostly of being babysat by a friend and her Cocker Spaniel during the day and walks in the park (playing frisbee with my coworkers) or in the woods. So it’s a little more mellow for him right now.

I don’t want to count how many pictures I have of him already.


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