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April 28, 2009

Cooper’s arrival (Part 1)

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Cooper's first day

My poor puppy probably thinks that life in our home is a constant rat race. His first weekend living with us was constant excitement and dozens of people who wanted to pet, handle, kiss, hug and generally manhandle him. An overview of his first weekend (Part 1):

  • Separated from family: Cooper seemed to be a bit of a homebody, he enjoyed burying himself under siblings and looked miserable when taken out of the pen. His brother, the copper coloured one, was begging for us to pick him up and bring him home. Cooper looked like being taken away was the worst thing that could happen.
  • Petco: Given a few months of growing up and I’m sure that Petco will be one of his favorite places, but all the new smells made him seem a little timid. And the floor, who expects dogs to walk on something so slippery. So he just let his feet slide him to the ground.

Cooper's first day

  • Grooming: Cooper’s desire to be at the bottom of the puppy pile led to his being covered in dirt. So we brought him for a “puppy service” at the Petco groomers. He did well though; the groomers commented that he was one of the best behaved 8 week olds they had ever seen. He came back to us a clean fluff ball that smelled good. (the groomers were so excited to be part of his first grooming)
  • Boathouse: We stopped at the boathouse where I “went to school” during my college years to introduce the puppy to my old coach. I was kind and didn’t even try to do a erg photo. We did give him a break in the grass in the shade by the boathouse so I could do a photoshoot of his freshly groomed poof.
  • Cooper's first day

  • Target: My friend Dawn is a braver person than I and decided to bring the puppy into Target with us (she planned on carrying him the whole time). I was sure they would kick us out. But several employees gathered to pet him and comment on how he looked like a teddy bear.

Cooper's first day

  • Races: What’s better for socialization of a puppy that watching rowing races on the banks of the Charles River on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Cooper was probably passed from arm to arm of at least 20 different people, met half dozen dogs and took naps while resting on my friends chests.
  • Meeting the cats: By the time Cooper made it home to New Hampshire he was ready to curl up and sleep. He was made to meet the two existing furry family members as soon as he walked in the door. Normally Audrey would run and hide at the mere sight of a dog, but she was intrigued. We put Cooper down on the ground and he immediately lay down, letting the cats investigate him on their own time. The cats are still getting used to him, and they continue to carefully investigate him regularly.

    After such a big day he slept the rest of the evening and through the night. He only woke me up once so he could go outside for a potty break. Tricking me into thinking he was sleeping through the night. It’s a good thing he got lots of rest, the next day was big in it’s own way.

    Cooper's first day


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