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April 30, 2009

Cooper’s Arrival (Part 2)

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The second part of our puppy’s first weekend with us was eventful in itself, but a little less insane than the first (I hope). He seems a little more content and happier to play at least.

  • Race Prep: My house can be pretty busy the morning of a sporting event, especially if guests stayed over to attend sporting event with us. Erin was racing the Muddy Moose with Adam and Dawn decided to come to New Hampshire and hang out with us. So a couple people rushing around to get ready and a long car ride over we made it to the race in Wolfeboro.

Cooper 8 weeks

  • Muddy Moose Start: Race starts are usually the busiest part of the spectator business. With a couple hundred people racing the 4 and 14 mile courses and spectators both human and canine cheering on their loved ones it can be pretty chaotic. But Cooper took it in stride. He was thrilled to meet an Irish Wolfhound (who stepped back when the puppy went to greet her). And was perfectly behaved even when 3 or 4 children were petting him at the same time.

Maggie the Irish Wolfhound

  • Beach: While our runners were out we decided to go to a beach on Lake Winnipesauke (New Hampshire’s largest lake). We found a little town beach called Brewster Beach which turned out to be a great photo opportunity. Cooper is pretty much the colour of the sand on that beach. He had no interest in getting his feet wet so I didn’t really force him to. On the way back to the car we made him walk on his own which I was very proud of. I know it’s a silly thing to be proud of but he had spent the entire weekend travelling from arm to arm and I honestly wasn’t even sure if he could walk on his own for more than a few steps.

Cooper 8 weeks

  • Muddy Moose Finish: In summary, he slept. He’d lift his head when people came to pet him but other than that he slept.
  • Movie Party on the Deck: Both girls decided to come home and make use of my 758 sq foot deck (the deck itself is larger than both of our previous apartments if the size on file is correct). We installed a TV and a DVD player on a chair piled blankets and pillows on the wood and watched “chick flicks”. Cooper suffered terribly by taking a nap in between my two friends the entire time.


Of course that night he woke me up several times because his daytime naps meant that he wanted me to play with him at 2am.

Luckily for him this week has consisted mostly of being babysat by a friend and her Cocker Spaniel during the day and walks in the park (playing frisbee with my coworkers) or in the woods. So it’s a little more mellow for him right now.

I don’t want to count how many pictures I have of him already.


April 29, 2009

Muddy Moose

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Adam and my friend Erin raced the Muddy Moose in Wolfeboro, NH this weekend.  It’s a interesting race because of the muddy aspect.  I did the 4 mile option last year and there was huge sections of knee deep mud. The entire course is pretty much mud puddle after mud puddle. Adam and Erin did the 14 mile option.

Muddy Moose 2009

They said it was a lot of fun partially because they got to play in mud puddles like little kids. Because of the mud the times are slower than regular races. I highly recommend it for any runners interested in doing it next year.

Muddy Moose 2009

Muddy Moose 2009

April 28, 2009

Cooper’s arrival (Part 1)

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Cooper's first day

My poor puppy probably thinks that life in our home is a constant rat race. His first weekend living with us was constant excitement and dozens of people who wanted to pet, handle, kiss, hug and generally manhandle him. An overview of his first weekend (Part 1):

  • Separated from family: Cooper seemed to be a bit of a homebody, he enjoyed burying himself under siblings and looked miserable when taken out of the pen. His brother, the copper coloured one, was begging for us to pick him up and bring him home. Cooper looked like being taken away was the worst thing that could happen.
  • Petco: Given a few months of growing up and I’m sure that Petco will be one of his favorite places, but all the new smells made him seem a little timid. And the floor, who expects dogs to walk on something so slippery. So he just let his feet slide him to the ground.

Cooper's first day

  • Grooming: Cooper’s desire to be at the bottom of the puppy pile led to his being covered in dirt. So we brought him for a “puppy service” at the Petco groomers. He did well though; the groomers commented that he was one of the best behaved 8 week olds they had ever seen. He came back to us a clean fluff ball that smelled good. (the groomers were so excited to be part of his first grooming)
  • Boathouse: We stopped at the boathouse where I “went to school” during my college years to introduce the puppy to my old coach. I was kind and didn’t even try to do a erg photo. We did give him a break in the grass in the shade by the boathouse so I could do a photoshoot of his freshly groomed poof.
  • Cooper's first day

  • Target: My friend Dawn is a braver person than I and decided to bring the puppy into Target with us (she planned on carrying him the whole time). I was sure they would kick us out. But several employees gathered to pet him and comment on how he looked like a teddy bear.

Cooper's first day

  • Races: What’s better for socialization of a puppy that watching rowing races on the banks of the Charles River on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Cooper was probably passed from arm to arm of at least 20 different people, met half dozen dogs and took naps while resting on my friends chests.
  • Meeting the cats: By the time Cooper made it home to New Hampshire he was ready to curl up and sleep. He was made to meet the two existing furry family members as soon as he walked in the door. Normally Audrey would run and hide at the mere sight of a dog, but she was intrigued. We put Cooper down on the ground and he immediately lay down, letting the cats investigate him on their own time. The cats are still getting used to him, and they continue to carefully investigate him regularly.

    After such a big day he slept the rest of the evening and through the night. He only woke me up once so he could go outside for a potty break. Tricking me into thinking he was sleeping through the night. It’s a good thing he got lots of rest, the next day was big in it’s own way.

    Cooper's first day

    April 27, 2009

    Cooper’s arrival

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    We had have an incredibly eventful weekend. And my cats got outside this morning which made for a very entertaining morning (which Cooper and the cats all thought was great fun). But I’ll have plenty to blog about this week, even if I just stick to what happened this weekend… if life slows down enough to find time for that.

    Either way, we picked up Cooper this weekend.  I brought him to a beach on Winnipesaukee and got some good pictures of his freshly groomed self.   He’s one to start.  I’ve included the original and the Picnik auto-fixed.  I like aspects of both… Which means I would love to edit it more if I had more time right now.

    As taken:

    Cooper at the Beach

    Picnik autofix

    Cooper at the BeachIf you had to pick one and didn’t have time for extra edits which would you pick?

    April 24, 2009

    Car Love

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    A Chevy Chevelle in Hooksett

    A Chevy Chevelle in Hooksett

    Those who know me in real life know that I’m addicted to older muscle cars.  I not only love their classic lines but the love the owners put in to painstakingly restoring the cars to their former glory and the care they put into keeping the cars running and gleaming.

    So one of my great joys in Spring is seeing the Classic cars coming back out of storage.  I love the look of pride on the owner’s faces.  And I love looking at my “car porn”.  I can’t wait to go to cruise nights and talk to the owners about their prides and joys.

    *Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, I was just excited and needed to take pictures with the cell phone.

    A Chevy Malibu in Hooksett

    A Chevy Malibu in Hooksett

    April 22, 2009

    Compost Bin

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    Compost Bin, originally uploaded by mbarsalou.

    So it’s earth day, should I post something earthy, why not. So a few weeks ago I was peeling potatoes and getting irritated at throwing away the peels. I was raking the leaves and dragging them off into the woods. I was throwing away the last few pieces of bread that had been fogotten and gotten moldy. I was irritated because all these things could be making my garden better.

    I searched the internet for inspiration on a do it yourself compost bin. I found a few that I was interested in making but between money and time I just couldn’t deal with them at the time. So I went to the hardware store and found a roll of hardware cloth (chicken wire would probably work too). I think it cost me all of $15. I got home took the entire roll, shaped it into a cylinder, and secured the shape with zip ties at the end of the cloth. Voila! A temporary compost bin to deal with the things I feel like turning into compost.

    Some downsides:

    • Animals going over
    • Animals digging under
    • Probably wont do so well when the snow comes
    • No lid


    • Portability
    • Cost
    • Ability to lift up entire compost bin to get to compost
    • Cost allows you to have several

    I’ll probably make at least one more more permanent compost bin before the snow flies again (here’s to hoping I didn’t jinx myself into a freak late April snow storm), but for my current needs it’s working out quite well for us.  Except for the animals going under, but I have some solutions for that.

    Seed potatoes

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    wood prarie farms

    We got our seed potatoes in from Wood Prairie Farms on Monday.  I’m very excited about growing potatoes in our yard, I can’t stand most supermarket varieties.  I must say that Wood Prairie Farms packaging is just gorgeous. It is so bright and colourful.  I feel like opening the packages would ruin the pretty colourful bags. But I will be planting them as soon as I get my ducks in a row.

    One of the reasons I got my seed potatoes from Wood Prairie farm (other than their great reputation) was that they are located in Northern Maine. If the potatoes do well up in the climate of Northern Maine they should do well here in Southern New Hampshire. So I also bought their Spring, Summer and Fall lettuce mixes. I’m looking forward to having delicious crispy lettuce year round.

    wood prarie farms

    And I wasn’t going to grow any corn, but they threw in a free sample package so I guess I’m growing corn now too.

    April 21, 2009

    Skiing in Mid-April

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    Sugarloaf in Mid April

    Erin and I went skiing for the last time this season on Sunday. While flowers are blooming and grass is turning green in Southern New Hampshire, Sugarloaf in Maine (4 hours from home) still has enough of a snow base layer to be open for skiing.  Although the snow is more like mashed potato slush. And some of the lower slopes require path finding skills in order to not run into grass. My ski did find a rock at one point.


    There was also RaggaeFest going on while we were there, so that was entertaining when I called it a day and let Erin get some more runs in.


    I think they are open for a couple more weekends… if you like skiing in bad snow and don’t mind the occasional exposed rocks or gravel.

    April 20, 2009

    Our Poodle Puppy

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    We went to visit the puppy this weekend. At 7 weeks he’s already about the size of the cats. He’s a “cafe au lait” Standard Poodle. We think we are going to call him Cooper. I pick him up next Saturday.

    Cooper's litter

    We really wanted to get an adult dogs but we had a very hard time finding an appropriate rescue. Our biggest factor was Adam’s allergies (he was allergic to the breeder’s collie, mom of the black poodle mixes in the picture above), and getting a rescue that would be cat friendly. As much as I would have loved to rescue a poodle mix from the shelter, low shed dogs without major issues don’t stay in shelters long. Some of the ones I did find had difficult to met adoption requirements. Or were taking multiple applications to pick the prospective owner. I’m told that NH has one of the highest spay/neuter rates in the country so a lot of the dogs you find in the shelter get transported from southern states for adoption up here. So shelters/rescues up here can sometimes afford to be picky. At least with dogs… cats they would gladly do two for the price of one adult cats when they are in kitten season.


    Oh no I’m boring him. Speaking of shelter cats, my cat who spent two months of his first year of life in a tiny shelter cage loves the puppy’s crate. I set it up so they could get used to the idea and he now loves to sleep in there. I don’t think it’s the cage so much a the fleece blanket.

    Beavis in the crate

    April 17, 2009

    What Photography Means to Me

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    I prepared this post for my Tumblr initially but I decided to expand on it and make it into a blog post.  So my apologies if you follow both.


    Sometimes when I’m sitting around bored thinking that my life has no excitement in it, I start going through my picture archives. I’m often astonished by how much I have lived. I may not be rich, popular or famous, but I have been to beautiful places, and in not so pretty places, my lens has caught small astonishing sights that others may have missed. I’ve known people who have touched my life for better or for worst. I’ve explored many parts of my personality with my appearance, the crowd I kept and the activities I did. I’ve hiked, rowed, horseback ridden, painted, swam, raced, climbed, partied, and goofed off in numerous places and with different people.


    I hope that someday when I am gone, those left behind will look at my pictures and question “how can one fit so much living into a lifetime”.


    Pictures are my instant pick me ups. My pictures remind me that while I may have sad days, bad days, boring days, the days I have enjoyed have made my existance worthwhile. Even pictures of ex-boyfriends remind me of the good times I had with them, and the reasons I am glad to have found my husband.


    So go out, take pictures of everything you love and everything you hate, on a regular basis. Because all those small things are part of your history and in the end, hopefully, you will be able to see how amazing and full your life has been.


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