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March 19, 2009

Farmer’s Market Tool

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So I’m big into supporting local farmers that practice sustainable agriculture and who treat their meat animals with respect before they become steak, so I try to buy some of my food from local farmer’s markets. My favorite is the Deerfield Farmer’s Market. Last year we got AMAZING strawberries there from a tiny little vendor and I was very impressed with the heirloom turkey I got for thanksgiving from Beausoleil Farm in Deerfield, NH.

Cultivate has a Farmer’s market finder for all over the country. It’s currently missing the Deerfield Market and I’m not sure why that is but it is a great resource for a start to a local food search.

Allow me to go on a brief tangent on Heritage Turkeys now. Over 95% of turkeys are of the same breed, bred for their huge turkey breasts. They are so unhealthy that they cannot even reproduce naturally. I find their flavor uninteresting as well, at least now that I’ve had a delicious full breasted tender heritage breed.

“Simply by virtue of having a flavor, this represented a completely different order of turkey. Now I understood what turkey was like before the triumph of the Broad Breasted White, and why eating turkey had once been considered a great treat”

-Michael Pollan

Heritage Turkey


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